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Version 2023.10

Origin 2023.10 is here

Manage and analyze large datasets more easily using the new BIM Organizer and the redesigned, more intuitive Limit box.

Reduce errors and rework and keep up-to-date with automatic download of design files updated in Trimble Connect.

Use the new Strings and surfaces workflow in Origin Roads to stake strings in the job or from any linked file as linear objects similar to roads, without needing a road design file.

Easily stream RTK corrections for your GNSS survey using the Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS).

For more information on new features as well as workflow, user interface, and performance improvements, click below.

Download files from the Origin Help Portal

The Origin help portal now includes a Downloads area, giving you easy access to template files and software utilities you can use with the Origin software.

From the Downloads page you can also download sample datasets and support bulletins.

To view the Downloads page, click the link below or click Downloads from the top-level menu in the Origin help portal.

Spectra Geospatial Origin Field Software YouTube channel

The Spectra Geospatial Origin Field Software YouTube channel provides a number of videos highlighting useful software features.

We post new videos regularly, so make sure to click Subscribe on the Origin YouTube channel page to get notified when new videos are available.