Utility locators

You can connect Origin to a utility locator and measure the location of underground assets such as cables and pipes.

Use Origin to measure a ground point using a GNSS receiver or conventional instrument, and use the connected utility locator to measure the depth of the cable or pipe and send the depth information to Origin. Origin stores a pair of points: a ground point measurement and a vector from the ground point measurement to the utility using the depth received from the connected utility locator.

The GlobalFeatures.fxl feature code library file and the following Utility Location Definition (ULD) files are provided in the C:\ProgramData\Spectra Geospatial Data\System Files folder when you install the Origin software:

  • RD8100.uld file for the Radio Detection RD8100 cable and pipe locator

  • vLoc3.uld file for the Vivax Metrotech vLoc3-Pro receiver, when fitted with the vLoc3 Series Bluetooth Module

Use the appropriate ULD file for your locator with the GlobalFeatures.fxl file to set up your job for measuring points using the utility locator. The basic steps are:

  1. Create a job that uses a feature library file containing utility feature codes with attributes that match the names of the attributes in the ULD file.
  2. Configure utility locator settings in the survey style.
  3. Start a survey.
  4. Pair with the utility locator using Bluetooth.
  5. Measure points using the code configured with attributes to record the depth information from the utility locator.

More information about these steps is provided below.

In addition the ULD file includes examples and tips for pairing with and using that locator. For more information, see Utility locator file setup.