Export LandXML string roads from your office software

Before exporting a LandXML string road for use in the Origin Roads software, note the following:

  • Trimble Access Roads supports only one profile in a file. If you are exporting a horizontal alignment and it has multiple profiles, select only one profile to export. If you select more than one profile the software will use the first one in the file.

  • Spectra Geospatial recommends that you avoid vertical faces. When one string has the same offset as another, the Origin Roads software can connect the strings in the wrong order when it joins the strings to display the cross sections. To avoid this issue, define one of the strings with a slight offset from the other.

    For example, consider the following image showing a cross section view of a curb and channel, where strings 2 and 3 in the upper diagram have the same offset and can, potentially, be connected incorrectly as shown by the red linework. In the lower diagram, where string 3 is defined at a slight offset from string 2, the strings will always be connected correctly as shown by the black linework.