Media files

Configure media file settings at the job level so that when the image is captured the Origin software knows whether to link the file to the job or a point in the job. You can now configure a standard format for naming media files, so that you can more easily identify the media file that corresponds to a job or point.

For more information on media files and how to use them, see Working with media files.

  1. Tap and select Job. The current job is already selected.
  2. Tap Properties.
  3. Tap Media files.
  4. In the Link to field, select how the images will be linked. Choose from:
    • Job – linked to the job
    • Previous point – linked to the latest point stored
    • Next point – linked to the next point to be stored
    • Point name – linked to the point entered in the Point name field
    • None – the image is saved but is not linked to the job or a point

    For all options, the media file is always saved to the <project>\<job name> Files folder. If there is no job open, the media file is saved to the current project folder.

  5. Select the Show with new media file option to show the media file screen immediately after capturing an image. This enables the Link to method to be changed and, if linking by point name, the point name. Changing this setting applies the setting to all jobs.

  6. If the Link to option was set to Previous pointNext point, or Point name, you can select Geotag images. See To geotag an image.
  7. Use the fields in the Image name group boxes to create a standard format for image file names.

    1. Select the elements to include in the file name.

      For images linked to points and lines (including arcs and polylines) you can include the point or line name and code. For any image you can include the job name, date and time. An underscore is used to separate each element in the file name.

    2. To add the same custom text to an image file name, select Custom string from any Element field, and then enter the text in the Custom string field.

      When you use the Custom string option, the software automatically appends a number to the end of the custom string if required to ensure a unique file name.

    If you have selected the Show with new media file option, you will be able to edit the media file name in the media file screen after capturing the image. When the image is linked to the Next point, the media file screen shows a placeholder file name which will be modified with the correct details when the next point is stored.

  8. Tap Accept.