Version 2022.01 of the Origin software is available from July 2022.

These Release Notes describe the new features and changes available in this release of the Spectra® Geospatial Origin software. Alternatively, you can download these release notes as a PDF file.

New hardware support

Spectra Geospatial SP30 handheld GNSS receiver

Origin version 2022.01 supports the new Spectra Geospatial SP30 handheld GNSS receiver.

The SP30 can be used as a handheld, with a monopole using the integrated antenna, or mounted on a pole and used with an external antenna.

The SP30 can only be used with Origin subscriptions, and is designed for GNSS‑only surveying using the integrated GNSS receiver. It does not support connections to external GNSS receivers or total stations.

Resolved issues

  • Sign in using Edge browser: We have fixed an issue where a server connection error message appeared if you signed in to Origin using the Microsoft Edge browser and then attempted to sign into Origin using a different Trimble ID when the Edge browser was still open.
  • Job files created from JXL: We have fixed an issue where if you created a job from a JXL file, some settings from the JXL file were not copied into the job. These settings were South Azimuth, Grid coordinates orientation (North-East, South-West, etc.), Distance type (Grid, Ground, or Ellipsoid), and Magnetic declination value.
  • Available USB drive: We have fixed an issue where the software did not always show that a USB drive was available after you had inserted the USB drive into a USB port on a Windows controller or PC.
  • DTM delta display in the map: When using a LandXML or 12da file that does not include at least one alignment, deltas are now shown on the map when staking a DTM from the file.
  • Photo attributes: We have fixed an issue where the Photo field displayed the previously used photo file name. The field is now cleared ready for a new name.

  • Stakeout with null target height: We have fixed an issue where the stakeout angle deltas were not populated if the target height was not set (had a null value).
  • WFS: We have fixed an issue to do with handling of GML position data in a WFS.
  • Time intervals in Danish: We have fixed an issue where the software would not accept any value entered in a time interval field if the value included hours, not just minutes.
  • Performance issues: We have improved the performance of the software. In particular:

    • When performing a resection.

    • When performing a site calibration.

    • When staking out roads, alignments, or polylines using GNSS, the eBubble could become unresponsive and the stakeout deltas could become slow to update.

  • Application errors: We have fixed several issues that caused occasional application errors when using or closing the software. In particular:

    • When setting a DXF file to visible or selectable in the map Layer manager where the file included a spline for a hatching boundary.

    • When exporting to DXF without first opening the job containing the points you are exporting.