Spectra Geospatial Origin Release Information

Use the Origin Release Notes Portal to view information about the latest release of the Spectra Geospatial Origin™ software. You can also view the release notes for previous versions to check when features and enhancements were added, or when specific issues were resolved.

To view the Origin Release Notes Portal in a different language, click the Select Language button on the topic toolbar (at the top right, below the Search field) and select your preferred language. When you download the PDF, the PDF for the currently selected language is downloaded.

Installation information

For information on installing the latest version of Origin, see Installation information.

Supported equipment

For a list of Trimble hardware and software products compatible with the latest version of Origin, see Supported equipment.

Origin Help

For more information on Origin software features, visit the Origin Help Portal at https://survey.help.spectrageospatial.com/Origin/.

The Origin Help is installed with the software when the Language & Help Files check box is selected in Spectra Geospatial Installation Manager. To view the installed help, press the key on the controller keypad or tap in the Origin software and then select Help.