Internet Base Station Service (IBSS)

The Trimble IBSS service provides an easy way for you to stream RTK corrections over the internet from a base station to rover receivers. Once you have set up the GNSS receiver as a base station and chosen IBSS as your base data link, RTK corrections are automatically streamed to any rover that is also using IBSS in the same Trimble Connect project. No separate configuration for the corrections server is needed.

You can set up multiple IBSS streams in a project, one per base receiver. The base receiver can be in a permanent fixed position or it can be a temporary base that you set up each day. IBSS streams exist until you delete them, regardless of whether a base is broadcasting corrections. This allows you to use the same stream, day after day, even if you are shifting your base to different locations in the project.

As many rover receivers as required can use the RTK corrections provided by IBSS within the same Trimble Connect project.


  • To use IBSS in Origin, the IBSS stream must be created in a project that resides in Trimble Connect. If your organization streams IBSS via Trimble Connected Community (TCC) or Works Manager, those IBSS streams are not available in Origin.

  • Spectra Geospatial SP60, SP80, SP85 and SP90m GNSS receivers cannot be used as base receivers with IBSS.